BISUP protocol structure

BISUP: Broadband ISDN User Part

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BISUP: Broadband ISDN User Part


Protocol Description

Broadband ISDN User Part (BISUP) is a protocol intended to support services such as high-definition television (HDTV), multilingual TV, voice and image storage and retrieval, video conferencing, high-speed LANs and multimedia. Since BISDN is not deployed widely so far, so is not the BISUP.


Protocol Structure

The structure of the B-ISUP protocol is as follows:

Broadband ISDN User Part - BISUP Protocol Structure
  • Message Type – The different message types. The following message types are available:
  • Message Length – The message length in octets.
  • Broadband/narrow-band Interworking Indicator for passing on, discard the message, release call, etc.
  • Pass on not Possible Indicator for release call and discard information
  • Discard Message Indicator discard or do not discard message
  • Send Notification Indicator for sending or do no sending notification
  • Release call indicator for release or do not release call
  • Transit at intermed exchance Indicator for transit interpretation or end node interpretation 
BISUP is defined by ITU-T Q.2762 and Q.2763.
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