Microcontroller based Mini Projects Part – 04

Microcontroller based Mini Projects

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Microcontroller based Mini Projects

Microcontroller based Mini Projects: Part – 04


Schmart Board and breadboardsRaspberry PI sweeterArduino add-on shields


Books you may interested

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For Details

  1. Intelligent High Power LED Streetlight Control System 
  2. Industrial Sorting System Based On Color/Metal Sensing 
  1. Automation of Object Sorting Using an Industrial Rob arm and MATLAB Based Image Processing 
  1. Energy Efficient Intelligent Street Lighting System Using ZigBee and Sensors  Alternet Link 
  1. Industrial Temperature Monitoring And Control System 
  1. Microcontroller Based Temperature Control System with Real-Time Data Logger 
  1. GPS Speedometer With Over Speed Alert System 
  1. Real-Time Bus Monitoring And Passenger Information System  Alternet Link
  1. Microcontroller Based IR Remote Control Signal Decoder for Home Application 
  1. Real-Time Hardware Design to Automatically Monitor and Control Light and Temperature 
  1. Alcohol Detection with Vehicle Controlling 
  1. Automatic Room Light Intensity Based Window Blind Control System 
  1. Digital Dice Game Using 8051 Microcontroller 
  1. A Prepaid Energy Meter for Efficient Power Management 
  1. AVR Microcontroller Based Prepaid Energy Meter  Alternet Link
  1. Digital Wattmeter With LCD Display 
  1. Microcontroller Based Digital Tachometer 
  1. Microcontroller Based Contactless Tachometer 
  1. Electronic Code Lock 
  1. Terminal System Design based on Hybrid RFID-GPS in 
  1. Vehicle Collision Recognition and Monitoring System Based on AVR 
  1. Real-Time Water Quality Measurement System based on GSM 
  1. A Real-Time Implementation of Microcontroller Based Propeller Clock 
  1. GSM Based ECG Tele-Alert System 
  1. How to control Stepper Motor using ULN2003 and 8051 Microcontroller (AT89S52)
  1. On-line UPS using PIC microcontroller 
  1. PIC Microcontroller Based Wind Turbine Controller 
  1. Microcontroller Based Solar Charge Controller 

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Tools and Instruments


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