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GSM Project Ideas for Engineering Students – Part 01

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GSM Project Ideas for Engineering Students

GSM Project Ideas for Engineering Students – Part 01



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For Project Details

  1. 3-Phase Irrigation Motor Monitoring and Auto-Controlling Based on GSM Technology
  2. A Remote Measurement and Control System for Greenhouse Based on GSM-SMS
  3. Wireless Accident Information System Using GSM and GPS 
  4. SMS based Wireless Notice board with Monitoring system using GSM with SMS
  5. Vehicle Theft Control System using GSM and CAN Technology
  6. GSM Based Automatic Energy Meter System with Instant Billing
  7. Real-Time Water Quality Measurement System using GSM
  8. GSM Based HealthCare Telemonitoring System
  9. Development of GSM Based Concealed Alarm System
  10. GPS-GSM Based Vehicle Tracking System
  11. Fire Detection and Notification System using GSM Technology
  12. Gas Leakage Detection System using GSM
  13. GPS-GSM Integration for Enhancing Public Transportation Management Services
  14. Automated Toll Plaza Using RFID and GSM
  15. GSM or X10 Based SCADA System for Industrial Automation
  16. GSM Based Automatic Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System 
  17. Three Phase Motor Control Using GSM 
  18. Implementation of Unmanned Vehicle using GSM Network with Arduino  
  19. Closed Loop Automation of Street Light Control using PIR and GSM 
  20. GSM or SMS Based Intelligent Voting System



Alternately you can download Projects

  1. For project 01 to 10 Click Here
  2. For project 11 to 20 Click Here
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