Basics of Photography

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Becoming a professional photographer is a dream of many of us. To fulfill this dream we start by purchasing the best new Camera. After purchasing the camera we should know about the functions of menus on the camera.  While searching on youtube I found these videos having fairly good information regarding the basics of photography. Please go through video up to end of the video so that you can have a fair good idea about a camera and related menus and use of them. 


Photo Serge All Courses 


Be a Better Photographer in 45 mins 



Photoshop Quickstart 


For Beginners – All About White Balance in Photography 


Lightroom Quickstart 


Photography Tips – Shooting in low light Situation 


Adobe Lightroom Masterclass 


10 Most Important Camera Settings 


Complete Photoshop Bundle 


What is ISO? Photography tutorial for DSLR beginners 


Photoshop for Photographers 


What is aperture? Photography tutorial for DSLR beginners 


30 Courses for $9 each 


Understanding Exposure: The Exposure Triangle with Mark Wallace


Photoshop 101


7 Cool DSLR Tricks for Beginners


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