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ITU-T Recommendations : Series B – Means of expression: definitions, symbols, classification

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ITU-T Recommendations : Series B

(Means of expression: definitions, symbols, classification)

ITU-T Recommendations In force December 2000 edition
ITU-T Rec. B.1 (11/88) Letter symbols for telecommunications
ITU-T Rec. B.3 (11/88) Use of the international system of units (SI)
ITU-T Rec. B.10 (11/88) Graphical symbols and rules for the preparation of documentation in telecommunications
ITU-T Rec. B.11 (11/88) Legal time – Use of the term UTC
ITU-T Rec. B.12 (11/88) Use of the decibel and the neper in telecommunications
ITU-T Rec. B.13 (11/88) Terms and definitions
ITU-T Rec. B.14 (11/88) Terms and symbols for information quantities in telecommunications
ITU-T Rec. B.15 (10/96) Nomenclature of the frequency and wavelength bands used in telecommunications
ITU-T Rec. B.16 (11/88) Use of certain terms linked with physical quantities
ITU-T Rec. B.17 (11/88) Adoption of the CCITT Specification and Description Language (SDL)
ITU-T Rec. B.18 (03/93) Traffic intensity unit
ITU-T Rec. B.19 (10/96) Abbreviations and initials used in telecommunications
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