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ITU-T Recommendations : Series K – Protection against interference

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ITU-T Recommendations: Series K

(Protection against interference)

ITU-T Recommendations In force – December 2000 edition
ITU-T Rec. K.5 (11/88) Joint use of poles for electricity distribution and for telecommunications
ITU-T Rec. K.6 (11/88) Precautions at crossings
ITU-T Rec. K.7 (11/88) Protection against acoustic shock
ITU-T Rec. K.8 (11/88) Separation in the soil between telecommunication cables and earthing system of power facilities
ITU-T Rec. K.9 (11/88) Protection of telecommunication staff and plant against a large earth potential due to a neighboring electric traction line
ITU-T Rec. K.10 (10/96) Low-frequency interference due to unbalance about earth of telecommunication equipment
ITU-T Rec. K.11 (10/93) Principles of protection against overvoltages and overcurrents
ITU-T Rec. K.12 (02/00) – To be published
ITU-T Rec. K.13 (11/88) Induced voltages in cables with plastic-insulated conductors
ITU-T Rec. K.14 (11/88) Provision of a metallic screen in plastic-sheathed cables
ITU-T Rec. K.15 (11/88) Protection of remote-feeding systems and line repeaters against lightning and interference from neighboring electricity lines
ITU-T Rec. K.16 (11/88) Simplified calculation method for estimating the effect of magnetic induction from power lines on remote-fed repeaters in coaxial pair telecommunication systems
ITU-T Rec. K.17 (11/88) Tests on power-fed repeaters using solid-state devices in order to check the arrangements for protection from external interference.
ITU-T Rec. K.18 (11/88) Calculation of voltage induced into telecommunication lines from radio station broadcasts and methods of reducing interference
ITU-T Rec. K.19 (11/88) Joint use of trenches and tunnels for telecommunication and power cables
ITU-T Rec. K.20 (02/00) – To be published
ITU-T Rec. K.21 (10/96) Resistibility of subscriber’s terminal to overvoltages and overcurrents
ITU-T Rec. K.22 (05/95) Overvoltage resistibility of equipment connected to an ISDN T/S bus
ITU-T Rec. K.23 (11/88) Types of induced noise and description of noise voltage parameters for ISDN basic user networks
ITU-T Rec. K.24 (11/88) Method for measuring radio-frequency induced noise on telecommunications pairs
ITU-T Rec. K.25 (02/00) – To be published
ITU-T Rec. K.26 (11/88) Protection of telecommunication lines against harmful effects from electric power and electrified railway lines
ITU-T Rec. K.27 (05/96) Bonding configurations and earthing inside a telecommunication building
ITU-T Rec. K.28 (03/93) Characteristics of semi-conductor arrester assemblies for the protection of telecommunications installations
ITU-T Rec. K.29 (01/92) Coordinated protection schemes for telecommunications cables below ground
ITU-T Rec. K.30 (03/93) Positive temperature coefficient (PTC) thermistors
ITU-T Rec. K.31 (03/93) Bonding configurations and earthing of telecommunication installations inside a subscriber’s building.
ITU-T Rec. K.33 (10/96) Limits for people safety related to coupling into telecommunications system from a.c. electric power and a.c. electrified railway installations in fault conditions
ITU-T Rec. K.34 (02/00) – To be published
ITU-T Rec. K.35 (05/96) Bonding configurations and earthing at remote electronic sites
ITU-T Rec. K.36 (05/96) Selection of protective devices
ITU-T Rec. K.37 (02/99) Low and high-frequency EMC mitigation techniques for telecommunication installations and systems – Basic EMC Recommendation
ITU-T Rec. K.38 (10/96) Radiated emission test procedure for physically large systems
ITU-T Rec. K.39 (10/96) Risk assessment of damages to telecommunication sites due to lightning discharges
ITU-T Rec. K.40 (10/96) Protection against LEMP in telecommunications centres
ITU-T Rec. K.41 (05/98) Resistibility of internal interfaces of telecommunication centres to surge overvoltages
ITU-T Rec. K.42 (05/98) Preparation of emission and immunity requirements for telecommunication equipment – General principles
ITU-T Rec. K.43 Corrigendum 1(02/00) To be published
ITU-T Rec. K.43 (05/98) Immunity requirements for telecommunication equipment
ITU-T Rec. K.44 (02/00) – To be published
ITU-T Rec. K.45 (02/00) – To be published.
ITU-T Rec. K.48 (02/00) – To be published
ITU-T Rec. K.49 (02/00) – To be published
ITU-T Rec. K.50 (02/00) – To be published
ITU-T Rec. K.51 (02/00) – To be published
ITU-T Rec. K.52 (02/00) – To be published
ITU-T Rec. K.53 (02/00) – To be published

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