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ITU-T Recommendations : Series L – Construction, installation and protection of cables and other elements of outside plant

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ITU-T Recommendations: Series L

(Construction, installation, and protection of cables and other elements of outside plant)

ITU-T Recommendations In force – December 2000 edition
ITU-T Rec. L.1 (11/88) Construction, installation and protection of telecommunication cables in public networks
ITU-T Rec. L.2 (11/88) Impregnation of wooden poles
ITU-T Rec. L.3 (11/88) Armouring of cables
ITU-T Rec. L.4 (11/88) Aluminium cable sheaths
ITU-T Rec. L.5 (11/88) Cable sheaths made of metals other than lead or aluminum
ITU-T Rec. L.6 (11/88) Methods of keeping cables under gas pressure
ITU-T Rec. L.7 (11/88) Application of joint cathodic protection
ITU-T Rec. L.8 (11/88) Corrosion caused by alternating current
ITU-T Rec. L.9 (11/88) Methods of terminating metallic cable conductors
ITU-T Rec. L.10 (11/88) Optical fibre cables for duct, tunnel, aerial and buried application
ITU-T Rec. L.11 (11/88) Joint use of tunnels by pipelines and telecommunication cables, and the standardization of underground duct plans
ITU-T Rec. L.12 (05/00) – To be published…
ITU-T Rec. L.13 (07/92) Sheath joints and organizers of optical fibre cables in the outside plant
ITU-T Rec. L.14 (07/92) Measurement method to determine the tensile performance of optical fibre cables under load.
ITU-T Rec. L.15 (03/93) Optical local distribution networks – Factors to be considered for their construction
ITU-T Rec. L.16 (03/93) Conductive plastic material (CPM) as protective covering for metal cable sheaths
ITU-T Rec. L.17 (06/95) Implementation of connecting customers into the public switched telephone network (PSTN) via optical fibres
ITU-T Rec. L.17 Appendix 1 (02/97) Implementation of connecting customers into the public switched telephone network (PSTN) via optical fibres – Appendix I: Examples of possible applications
ITU-T Rec. L.18 (10/96) Sheath closures for terrestrial copper telecommunication cables
ITU-T Rec. L.19 (10/96) Outside plant copper networks for ISDN services
ITU-T Rec. L.20 (10/96) Creation of a fire security code for telecommunication facilities
ITU-T Rec. L.21 (10/96) Fire detection and alarm systems, detector and sounder devices
ITU-T Rec. L.22 (10/96) Fire protection
ITU-T Rec. L.23 (10/96) Fire extinction – Classification and location of fire extinguishing installations and equipment on premises
ITU-T Rec. L.24 (10/96) Classification of outside plant waste
ITU-T Rec. L.25 (10/96) Optical fibre cable network maintenance
ITU-T Rec. L.26 (10/96) Optical fibre cables for aerial application
ITU-T Rec. L.27 (10/96) Method for estimating the concentration of hydrogen in optical fibre cables.
ITU-T Rec. L.28 (10/96) External additional protection for marinized terrestrial cables
ITU-T Rec. L.29 (10/96) As-laid report and maintenance/repair log for marinized terrestrial cable installation
ITU-T Rec. L.30 (10/96) Markers on marinized terrestrial cables
ITU-T Rec. L.31 (10/96) Optical fibre attenuators
ITU-T Rec. L.32 (10/98) Protection devices for through-cable penetrations of fire-sector partitions
ITU-T Rec. L.33 (10/98) Periodic control of fire extinction devices in telecommunication buildings
ITU-T Rec. L.34 (10/98) Installation of Optical Fibre Ground Wire (OPGW) cable
ITU-T Rec. L.35 (10/98) Installation of optical fibre cables in the access network
ITU-T Rec. L.36 (10/98) Single mode fibre optic connectors
ITU-T Rec. L.37 (10/98) Fibre optic (non-wavelength selective) branching devices
ITU-T Rec. L.38 (09/99) Use of trenchless techniques for the construction of underground infrastructures for telecommunication cable installation
ITU-T Rec. L.39 (05/00) To be published
ITU-T Rec. L.41 (05/00) To be published

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